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Welcome to Golden Vision Optometry located in Irvine . Our optometry staff is committed to exceed your expectations and give you the vision you deserve.

Our office provides in depth exams to best diagnose your visual needs and our motto is to provide quality products and services at affordable prices.

If you would like to make an appointment or if your eye health requires immediate attention please call.



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VSP covered patients are eligible to receive additional 30% discount on their 
2nd Complete pair of prescription eyeglass/sunglasses.


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Whether you are looking for a subtle or vibrant effect, AIR OPTIX®COLORS contact lenses offer an option for you. With AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses, enjoy breathable*, comfortable, and beautiful contact lens wear in a full range of colors—with or without vision correction.


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We're having a great warm Fall season and coming up on Winter here are some tips to protect your eyes for the upcoming seasonal weather.

Winter Eye Care Tips

There are new and different reasons to protect your eyes during the winter. Here are a few ways you can combat the effects of cold weather and dry air on your eyes.

Winter Dry Eyes

Heaters and Humidifiers

Dry winter air can cause eyes to be more sensitive. An easy way to prevent dryness is by using a humidifier in areas with indoor heating; the heat tends to dry the moisture in the air and cause irritation and dryness in your eyes.

Contact Lenses

Talk with your eye care provider if you feel your contacts becoming dry. He or she may suggest rewetting drops or another solution to help keep your contacts moist.

Bundle Up

Wear a hat or hooded jacket to protect your eyes from the weather, dust, and debris.

Holiday Celebrations and Makeup

Winter celebrations are fun reasons to put on a little extra or special makeup. But, be careful – never share makeup or makeup brushes. Another person’s germs may be hazardous to you and it is an easy way to pick up a bacteria or virus, such as pink eye!

Sunglasses in Winter? Absolutely!

The winter sun may not sine as bright or feel as warm, but its harmful UV rays can still reach your eyes. In addition, sunlight reflected by snow can lead to sunburned eyes; another reason to make sure your sunglasses and snow goggles block 100% of UV rays.


Prevent the Spread!

Prevent the spread of the flu and eye-related illnesses like conjunctivitis (pink eye) by washing your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes.


Start the New Year Right – with an Eye Exam!

Make a new year’s resolution that is easy to keep: get a comprehensive eye exam! Check when your vision benefits renew; many renew the first of the year.



Golden Vision Optometry accepts: VSP , Eyemed, Aetna, Davis Vision, M.E.S., Central Health Care, Medi-cal, One care, and PPO insurances. If you do not see your vision provider listed. Please contact us and we can check for you. 




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